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<p>arey!! what best ad? there&rsquo;s hardly any co co co &hellip;. rrelation with nescafe.</p>↵↵<p>nitesh agarwal says:</p>↵↵<p>Rohith Pvssa says:</p>↵↵<p>Fantabulous! Too much creativity 🙂<br />↵Kuddos Nestl&eacute;. Well done. !!!</p>↵↵<p>watchin again again&hellip;no words! lovin it..!</p>↵↵<p>Souvik says:</p>↵↵<p>rupendra says:</p>↵↵<p>I feel like to c ..this again n agian</p>↵↵<p>Dr Rajiv Dang says:</p>↵↵<p>aditya says:</p>↵↵<p>This add proves every weakness can be u r power but we need spark that spark only ccome by Nescafe</p>↵↵<p>parul says:</p>↵↵<p>Gud food , gud life &hellip;&hellip; I just luv d slogan . And it keeps a brand alive with such heart touching adds.</p>↵↵<p>Vaibhav says:</p>↵↵<p>Should be &ldquo;Its&rdquo; not &ldquo;It&rsquo;s&rdquo;.</p>↵↵<p>Nanda Kumar says:</p>↵↵<p>Superb video 🙂 let get started made my day 🙂 thank you ra&hellip;ra&hellip;.ra&hellip;ra&hellip;rishi 🙂</p>↵↵<p>&nbsp;</p>↵↵<p>Rohit Khisty says:</p>↵↵<p>Premchand Tayade says:</p>↵↵