Dumpz.org — is useful method of sharing the programming code with your friends and colleagues. Every dump automatically highlighted with respect to choosen language.

Dump storing time is not limited, you can place dumps in as many as you want counts on as long as you want time. We recommend you to provide comments with each dump, it will allow other people (or you after a number of months) quickly understand the nature of dump. If you do not want anonymouses to see you dump you can setup the access password, thus dump will be available for viewing only after secret word inputing.

You can use dumz.org without registration, but registered users have benefits: a list of all uploaded dumps and ability to edit/delete any of them.

If you found a bug or you want a new feature do not be hesitate to contact with site owner. Your email will help me to fix the bug or decide what feature shoul be implemented first. My email: lizendir@gmail.com.

Tell about us in your blogs, diaries, sites, twitters, jabbers. Every site neeed the attention , without it the site makes ill and then makes boring.

Thanks and sorry for my English :-) Please send bugreport about this text to email announced before.