trans What this site is useful for You can easily show your code to ot

<p>{% trans 'What this site is useful for? You can easily show your code to other people. Each pasted code has its own permanent address. You can colorize you code by choosing appropriate formating method.' %}</p>
<p>{% trans 'History of creation: one summer night I was sitting before my monitor (like on every other night) and knocking with my fingers on my keyboard. And then I thought - where are so many clone websites, it would be fun to do one more clone :-) So, I was coding all the night and by the next morning I have got this site working.' %}
<p>{% trans 'What this site is running on? is powered by <a href="">Django</a> and Django is powered by <a href="">python</a>. Syntax highligtning is powered by <a href="">pygments</a>. Dynamic data is stored in the <a href="">MySQL</a> database. Visitor requests is served by <a href="">nginx</a> - extreamly light and fast webserver.' %}</p>