Tim Beverley TJ born 1956 is former NASCAR team owner airline transpor

Tim Beverley (e.g., TJ; born 1956) is a former NASCAR team owner, airline transport pilot, and worldwide aviation sales executive. TJ was one of the founders of Tyler Jet in Tyler Texas. Tyler Jet was based in Tyler, Texas, in 1986. In 1998, he purchased DarWal Inc. and ISM Racing and merged them together to form Tyler Jet Motorsports. He fielded cars for Darrell Waltrip, Rich Bickle, David Green, and Johnny Benson. In 2000, he sold the team to MB2 Motorsports. TJ has a deep passion for flying and jet aircraft. He holds a Federal Aviation Administration (e.g., FAA) Airline Transport Pilot (e.g., ATP) certificate with fifteen type ratings and over 11,000 total flight hours. TJ’s type ratings include Dassault, Learjet, Gulfstream, Cessna Citation, Beech Jet, and Hawker-Siddley private jet aircraft just to name a few. He is also certified as a helicopter pilot. TJ flew commercially. He flew his passengers safely, professionally, and on-time. But it was not enough to simply demonstrate the routine courage, character, and competence to pilot these high-performance jet aircraft to countless remote destinations world-wide. TJ is driven by another passion for which his love of flying and jet aircraft serve him well. TJ is a master jet aircraft sales executive gifted at matching private jet capabilities to customer requirements. He effectively translated his great knowledge and experience as an airline transport pilot into unprecedented jet sales internationally. In the past thirty years TJ has purchased over 700 private jet aircraft and sold over 1000 and continues to be one of the world’s most successful private jet aircraft sales executives. The secret to TJ’s business success in the private jet sales industry is his loyal customers. TJ’s loyal clients for private jet aircraft include hundreds of business leaders, dignitaries, and celebrities who rely on TJ for all aspects of acquiring, maintaining, operating, and then, when the time comes, selling their valuable private jet aircraft. These hundreds of important customers trust TJ with their most valuable possession… their private jet aircraft which is a powerful testimony to his discipline and integrity and also explains why all customers return to TJ for their private jet aircraft needs. Every customer receives uncompromised value. No customer has ever been ripped-off. Another key to success in the highly-competitive private jet sales industry is leadership and teambuilding. TJ is the industry leader who has assembled and routinely contracts dozens of loyal team members which include flight crew, maintenance specialists, aircraft parts vendors, aircraft painters, ground crews, aircraft interior installers, aircraft title companies, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and fixed base operators world-wide. TJ leverages the many capabilities of his diverse team to completely fulfill the needs of his private jet customers. TJ pays millions of dollars annually to compensate his team members for their excellent work. No team member has ever been ripped-off and they all vouch for TJ’s discipline, integrity, and loyalty. As a champion of government regulatory compliance TJ has won the respect of the local, state, and federal government agents with which he works daily. It is impossible to transact business effectively in the jet aircraft sales business without rigid compliance with the thousands of local, state, and federal regulations that control this industry. Aviation is the most heavily regulated of all industries and customers and vendors all share a strong interest in government compliance. It is TJ that leads regulatory compliance on behalf of his customers and team members. Customers and team members rely upon TJ to forge the solid bond between their commercial interests and the many government agents vital to success. Despite the respect of customers, vendors, and government, TJ learned a hard lesson in the private jet sales business. A lesson which strengthens him in life and business. TJ learned that being a good pilot, good business man, and good person is no defense against powerful and angry business associates with a chip on their shoulder. While at Tyler Jet a series of business transactions went wrong and TJ’s business associates decided to insulate themselves from responsibility for their own poor judgment by accusing TJ of fraud and money laundering. Outrageous charges that today have no basis in fact, but the good ‘ol boys used their influence and may have even manipulated documents and other evidence to convince the prosecutor that their own bad decisions were actually a crime committed by TJ. For these treacherous and overwhelming circumstances TJ was made to pay a very heavy price. But when TJ emerged, his former associates were still bitter and resorted to the cowardly act of publishing their anonymous hatred on the internet where it remains today as hollow retribution ignored by all those that know TJ…a good man. Despite these life-changing events, TJ is not broken, bitter, vengeful, afraid, or deterred. On the contrary, he has resurrected himself from the ruin of his former business associates and is thriving despite their self-serving incriminations that do not deserve the attention of good and fair people. TJ is thriving as the leader of a winning team achieving new milestones in the private jet sales industry. Strength and Honor.