Hi, let's try together & see if everything is working ok, so we'll start with this link , click on it and see.

look at this logo C:\Users\Husam Ajjan\Desktop fun huh?

so after you saw me adding a link, & an image, i want to show you how i'll fuck up with some text, so here we go

i'm fat but funny and ireally love food

now if you hover your mouse pointer over food, you'll see some text, can you see it?

So, to show an example about tables, i'm gonna list some drinks that i enjoy every now & then

Coffe Cola Alcohol Water
4 cups 2 cups 1 bottle 1 Gallon
Morning with food Night ???

so, here is a list of the things that i wanna do in the near future

  1. get my engineering degree
  2. get a Russian citizenship
  3. get a good job
  4. grow old & die

Now to test Forms & shit

First name:
Last name:

Please choose your sex


Please choose what you do for a living

Please select what do you like to do in your free time

listening to music
hunting niggers
kicking some cats