When the First World War began in 1914 the German-sounding name St Pet

When the First World War began in 1914, the German-sounding name, St. Petersburg, was changed to Petrograd. After the October Revolution the city was renamed after Lenin.
During the Great Patriotic War the city suffered a great deal. The German armies laid siege to it in 1941, and for the next years and half it was cut off from the rest of the country. No food could be brought in, and people died of starvation. Daily shelling and air raids destroyed parts of the city. Thousands of people were killed. Rebuilding took years.
Now St. Petersburg is an important industrial, cultural and educational center. The population of the city is over 5 million.
St. Petersburg is indeed a wonderful city: at very turn there is something to catch your eye. The Winter Palace, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress, the Admiralty building attract thousands of tourists from every corner of the world.