Tennis match Kalyanpur Wehnelt betting tips Match between Kalyan and W

Tennis match: Kalyanpur A / Wehnelt K betting tips. Match between Kalyan and Weigl is very important this time as we already know that the young German plays in Wimbledon. We believe that young German is the one who is the most serious candidate for the title, because he has shown that he is ready if needed to win a title and who wants to reach his first ATP trophy. The same goes for Weigl, who showed his qualities in two previous matches that he played finals against J. Chardy and V. Troicki. We will remind you that the German tennis player was free in the first round.
Bocchi L / Miceli M betting tips. – It is a real derby of the round in the 500 Series. The title defender, R. Bocchin, is the favourite to win and he is playing the best he can this season. The title defender plays very well too, and Miceli has no defeats in the past season. The last match that Crotone played was in April this year, and since then there was a fantastic series of their opponent without defeats, of which there were as many as 11 consecutive draws. This season, Bocchin
s career in general was in danger in May