If you think about the payment experience of buying coffee it pretty g

If you think about the payment experience of buying a coffee, it's pretty good: you hand over your credit card, it's swiped, and you're done in a few seconds (or, these days, maybe you pull out your phone and use Apple Pay). But more often than not when you're buying on a website, it's a wild west of punching in card details, zooming in and out of form fields on mobile, and hoping that a server validation error won't make you have to start from the beginning.
But there are a few walled gardens out there, such as Amazon and the App Store, where you can see what happens with a great purchase experience.
Our consumer team is working on bringing this kind of purchasing experience to the internet as a whole. Just as our API makes it easy for developers to accept payments on their website, the consumer team builds products that make it easier for those developers' customers to pay online. You can try out our main consumer product, Checkout, here (just use 4242 4242 4242 4242 as your card number, with your favorite expiry date):