Information about tpumapa3m

Link Comment Language Date
This is an example of using Clojure from Java (for test.clj search for another dump) Java 01 Apr, 2011
This should be in a default package within a file "test.clj" Clojure 01 Apr, 2011
part of search process, where we sort data by date of addition to system Java 05 Mar, 2010
example of xml-data for documents XML 02 Mar, 2010
Part of search-process, where we intersect lists of documents Java 02 Mar, 2010
First part of a diploma thesis organized in LaTeX TeX 03 Feb, 2010
An example of using a cursor and custom comparator with berkeley DB Java 31 Jan, 2010
An example of saving and retriving of ArrayList-object with Berkeley DB Java 31 Jan, 2010
An example of using Bind API for primitives, while using Berkley DB Java 31 Jan, 2010
Simple code that shows performing main opeartions with Berkeley DB. Java 27 Jan, 2010